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    • AGCO Future Farm, Zambia
    • Dr. Mark Moore, AGCO Agricultural Advisory Manager - Speaking at the AGRF2017 Thematic Working Group Meeting on Mechanisation
    • Nuradin Osman, Vice President & General Manager AGCO Africa - Delivering a Keynote Address at the AGRF2017 under the topic Spurring modern Farm Development in Africa – Technology, Mechanisation, Infrastructure, and Power
    • Training Centre, Zambia
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AGCO leads new project to determine sustainable business models for smallholders and farm service centres

African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2017

“The transformation of on-farm mechanisation can make a major contribution to improving rural livelihoods by boosting productivity and growth in rural incomes and making farming an appealing and worthwhile career choice for young people,” said Nuradin Osman, Vice President and General Manager, Africa for AGCO Corporation (, Your Agriculture Company…